The reborn collection is an ongoing collection of various clothing and accessories that essentially display the rebirth of Kady’s Kloset.
It presents the transition from luxe grunge and eccentric pieces to luxe chic and bold pieces.

This ongoing collection will encapsulate the evolution of CEO Kadiyatu "Kady" Bamba's personal style bridged with Kady’s Kloset’s mission for both this collection and ones to come.

The signature star symbol will, of course, continue to be the light of further collections with Kady’s Kloset; we will not lose sight of the former best selling Kady’s Kloset designs as they are now a part of the classic Kady’s Kloset Archived Vault.


Kady’s Kloset is humbly proud to announce that for every purchase made with us, 10% of the profits will fund the sponsorship of a child in need through Compassion International.

Message from the CEO:

“I personally have been sponsoring a 5-year-old child in Kenya named Amos for almost a year now. Because of this sponsorship, my monthly contributions help with his medical care, school uniforms and fees, food, activities, and most importantly learning the Word of God. Their mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus' name, and my goal for Kady’s Kloset is to continue to sponsor Amos and eventually also his 5 other siblings through the help of our customers' contributions."

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